Australian cartoonist and caricaturist, Andrew Fyfe

Andrew Fyfe is an Australian cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator – best known for his live cartoons using the “pen cam” on the television show Hey Hey Its Saturday. For over fourteen years Andrew would spontaneously send-up the on screen action with but a few strokes of his pen.

Andrew’s satirical humour also became part of Nine’s The Footy Show. It was here that Andrew’s art form evolved to animated cartoons sending up the news of the day. Football identities like John Elliot became regular characters in Andrew’s segments, with some, like Eddie McGuire, even adding their own voice. Andrew’s animations have returned this year and can be seen weekly on The Footy Show in”The Footy Show Stakes”.

Andrew also hosted two seasons of his own television show “Guess What?” in ‘92 -3 with Alison Brahe and Jacquie Rindt for the Nine Network. The aim of the show was for two panels of children to decipher Andrew’s cryptic cartoons.

Andrew Fyfe, Guess What?,cartoonist, caricatures, Australian cartoonist,
Andrew Fyfe, Guess What

Over the years Andrew’s work has been published in: Mad magazine, T.V Week, Truth newspaper, The Herald Sun, The Sunday Telegraph, and Mx. Andrew has also appeared as a speaker and cartoonist for many corporate clients including: ANZ Bank, Toshiba, Morgan and Banks, Loy Yang Power, Australian Unity and The Age.

Andrew Fyfe, Mad Magazine, cartoonist ,caricatures, Australian cartoonist
Andrew Fyfe, Mad Magazine

His illustrations have featured in advertising campaigns for Cadburys, Pilot Pens and Schweppes as well as many storyboards for various agencies.

In 2003 Andrew was commissioned by Granada Productions to animate 10 x 1 minute interstitials as bumpers for the comedy channel and animated commercials for Netspace and Mars.

Since then his work has featured in the television shows: “Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation”, “The Spearman Experiment, “The Jesters” and back again on Hey Hey It’s Saturday for it’s return in 2010.

Talking 'Bout Your Generation, Andrew Fyfe, Cartoonist
Talking ‘Bout Your Generation

In 2014 Human Nature commissioned Andrew to design the backdrop for their Aussie Xmas Las Vegas show.

Andrew Fyfe
Human Nature with a Fyfe drawn backdrop for their 2014 Vegas Xmas show.

2017 saw the debut of LIVE animation on Australian T.V with cartoon Ross Lyon’s interview with Eddie McGuire on The AFL Footy Show. Andrew designed and animated Ross interacting in real time with the cast. The technology had been previously used in the U.S.A on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with cartoon Donald Trump.

cartoon Ross Lyon, Ross Lyon, australian animation, AFL Footy Show, Live Animation
Cartoon Ross Lyon, Ross Lyon, Australian animation, AFL Footy Show, Live Animation, Andrew Fyfe
Samuel L. Jackson reacts to Andrew’s sketch of him from Jackie Brown

In 2022 Andrew created the animated opener to The Roast of Paul Hogan and designed the set for the Red Faces Specials for the Seven Network.

Red Faces Special, Red Faces, Hey Hey It's Saturday, Andrew Fyfe
Red Faces Specials set design by Andrew Fyfe 2022

Andrew’s work was recognised by his peers in 2023 when he won the coveted Stanley Award for animation cartoonist.

Corporate Entertainment

Andrew Fyfe, Andrew Fyfe cartoonist, corporate entertainment, cartoonist, caricatures, Australian cartoonist, corporate speaker, live cartoons, live caricatures,
Andrew Fyfe corporate entertainment

Gift Caricatures

Enhance your professional or personal relationship by commissioning a card, framed caricature or personalised calendar drawn by renowned caricaturist, Andrew Fyfe. For years we’ve been spreading the love for corporations, government and individuals alike with our warm and light-hearted caricatures that capture the unique essence of their subjects. A personalised corporate caricature is a wonderful, highly effective and proven method of promotion to thank valuable clients, immortalise a team achievement, corporate event or an important celebration. There’s no better way to spread goodwill than with an Andrew Fyfe corporate calendar, framed portrait or card.

Gift caricature, Gift portrait, Andrew Fyfe, cartoonist,caricature, caricaturist,
Gift caricature
Mick Molloy, The Jesters,Andrew Fyfe, caricature, Gift caricature,
Mick Molloy, The Jester

   Andrew is a member of the Australian Cartoonists Association.