Month: April 2014

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation or Video Scribing

Whiteboard animation or video scribing is fast becoming the most effective means of online marketing and corporate training.

Video scribing and whiteboard animation delivers your message visually in a way that is MEMORABLE and ENTERTAINING. Yes we can make an otherwise dull issue or concept FUN.

So often information that needs to be communicated is thwarted by dry or convoluted detail that can rapidly become boring.

We take all your information and relay it in a way that is entertaining and therefore memorable.

Below are some recent samples:

Client: ATO  Agency: MediaHeads




Client: Australian Sports Commission  Agency: MediaHeads


Cartoonist , Andrew Fyfe


Cartoonist Andrew Fyfe on Famous with Luis

I recently was invited to appear on Channel 31’s new talk show “Famous with Luis“. It’s a fun show where Luis gets to find out a little bit about me and learn what it’s like to be a cartoonist. I get to meet his family, and explored the finer points of art with his neighbour Mr Bianchi. There’s a Quick Draw segment and a few other …um…”surprises”! Certainly not your average chat show that’s for sure but lots of fun. Let’s put it this way….it’s the first time I’ve done finger exercises on t.v before donning a cowboy hat to draw someone running around on all fours to the sounds of latin american music! U,m,m,m there was also the lovely Yadna who sat knitting throughout the interview..

Famous with Luis, Andrew Fyfe.

Cartoonist Andrew Fyfe on Famous with Luis


Quick Draw!

Quick Draw is the segment where Luis and his family perform various mimes that I must interpret with freestyle cartoons. Sort of like Pictionary versus Theatre Sports! Certainly keeps a cartoonist on his toes! Luis performed a latin dance with cat meow sound effects (go figure?) and Mr Bianchi mimed a crazy chicken dance!

cartoonist, Australian cartoonist, caricatures, caricaturist, Andrew Fyfe,

Cartoonist Andrew Fyfe on Famous with Luis




Frank Sinatra caricature

Here’s a caricature of my favourite singer and a great actor as well…the one and only Frank Sinatra circa 1966 when I believe he was at a his greatest! I was lucky enough to see Sinatra 3 times, first in Sanctuary Cove in ’88 and then Melbourne in ’89 and again in ’91.

Russell Crowe Noah

Today’s sketch is of Russell Crowe as Noah. This is stage one, a black and white rendering of his head…it will eventually be a colour full body pose with a slight twist….

I like drawing Crowe as he has a real steely stare beneath his hooded lids. His brooding looks remind me a lot of Richard Burton. It would be interesting to compare caricatures of the two…and I may just do that!