Month: August 2015

Caricaturist for events

Live caricatures,caricature artist for parties, caricature artist for weddings,caricaturist

Live caricatures,caricature artist for parties, caricature artist for weddings, Andrew Fyfe,caricaturist

Whether you need a caricature artist for parties, caricaturist for weddings, product launch or a group training session, Andrew’s unique ability to draw fast and witty caricatures can add that special touch to any corporate event. Not only will he draw your work colleagues for a keepsake of the event, he can tailor a performance to entertain you with his live caricatures. Whether you want your CEO drawn live or a witty coverage of your company’s story told in cartoons, Andrew will tailor his presentation to suit your needs.

Andrew can introduce your keynote speakers with live caricatures projected on a big screen and create amazing cartoons from squiggles drawn by your colleagues in an interactive show that will have everyone laughing.

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Animated Corporate Videos

This video was commissioned by DomaCom as an invitation to visit their stand at a property investment conference.

Rather than the usual straight read to camera it was decided that an animated version of the principals with caricatures by Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s Andrew Fyfe would present a point of difference and stand out from the crowd.

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Animated corporate videos

Produced and conceptualised by Andrew Maj and designed and animated by award winning cartoonist Andrew Fyfe

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Whiteboard Animation and Explainer Videos

Video scribing or whiteboard animation explainer videos are fast becoming the most effective means of online marketing and corporate training.

Video scribing and whiteboard animation explainer videos delivers your message visually in a way that is MEMORABLE and ENTERTAINING. Yes we can make an otherwise dull issue or concept FUN.

So often information that needs to be communicated is thwarted by dry or convoluted detail that can rapidly become boring.

At Drawing Conclusions we take all your information and relay it in a way that is entertaining and therefore memorable.

One of the most memorable parts of a newspaper is the editorial cartoon. That’s because the cartoonist can simplify an often complicated issue in just a few strokes of the pen, having the ability of communicating the key issues using witty visuals and words as succinctly as possible. That’s what we do at Drawing Conclusions.

What makes Drawing Conclusions video scribing and whiteboard animation explainer videos stand out from the rest is that our drawings are drafted by Andrew Fyfe, award winning Australian cartoonist with 25 years of experience as on air television cartoonist for top shows such as Hey Hey its Saturday and The Footy Show whose work has also appeared in numerous newspapers and publications.

Together with Award Winning writer and training video producer, Andrew Maj, Drawing Conclusions produce videos that cut through the clutter to relay the essence of you message in an entertaining and engaging package.

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