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Andrew Fyfe,Guess What?,

Andrew Fyfe on the Nine Network’s “Guess What?”

From his first celebrity cartoon presented to Sophia Loren at the age of 17 to his weekly live cartoons beamed nationally on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Andrew has entertained Australian audiences with his quick wit rendered with but a few strokes of his pen.

Andrew started his television career as an on-air cartoonist for Hey Hey It’s Saturday in ‘85. His unique take and spontaneous send-ups lasted on the show for over 14 years.
Celebrities like Samuel L Jackson and Tony Bennett were all fodder for Andrew’s cartoons. Legendary guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughn came backstage to request a special portrait, while Leslie Nielsen joked that he’d get him back one day!

Andrew’s satirical humour also became part of Nine’s The Footy Show. It was here that Andrew’s art form evolved to animated cartoons sending up the news of the day. Football identities like John Elliot became regular characters in Andrew’s segments, with some, like Eddie McGuire, even adding their own voice.

Andrew’s animations have returned this year and can be seen weekly on The Footy Show in”The Footy Show Stakes”.

Andrew Fyfe,Hey Hey It's Saturday,

Andrew Fyfe, Hey Hey It’s Saturday

Andrew Fyfe, Leslie Nielsen

Andrew Fyfe and Leslie Nielsen

Andrew also hosted two seasons of his own television show “Guess What?” in ‘92 -3 with Alison Brahe and Jacquie Rindt for the Nine Network. The aim of the show was for two panels of children to decipher Andrew’s cryptic cartoons.

Over the years Andrew’s work has been published in: Mad magazine, T.V Week, The Herald Sun, The Sunday Telegraph, Mx and Truth.

Andrew Fyfe,Mad Magazine,

Andrew Fyfe, Mad Magazine

Andrew has also appeared as a speaker and cartoonist for many corporate clients including ANZ Bank, Toshiba, Morgan and Banks and The Age.

He has featured in advertising campaigns for Cadburys, Pilot Pens and Schweppes and has produced numerous storyboards for agencies over the years.

More recently his work has featured in the television shows: Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation, The Spearman Experiment, The Jesters and back again for Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s return in 2010.

Andrew Fyfe, Talkin' Bout My Generation,

Andrew Fyfe, Talkin’ Bout My Generation,

In 2014 Andrew featured as special guest on the comedy series “Famous with Luis”.

Andrew Fyfe

Andrew Fyfe, Famous with Luis

Live caricatures,caricature artist for parties, caricature artist for weddings,

Andrew Denton does his best Mr Squiggle impersonation with Andrew Fyfe on “Famous with Luis”

And designed the 2014 Aussie Xmas backdrop for Human Nature’s Las Vegas Show

Andrew Fyfe

Human Nature with a Fyfe drawn backdrop for their Vegas Xmas show.

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