Editorial Cartoons

Editorial Cartoons 2023

Peter Dutton looks at rebranding the Liberal Party after the disastrous defeat in the Aston byelection.
Dan Andrews shrugs off criticism about his secretive trip to China.
Albo gets emotional as he reveals the wording for the Voice to parliament referendum.
Putin meets Xi JinPing in Russia.
Keating strikes again…
Toys for boys…. Australia enters into a historic AUKUS deal where it will acquire a fleet of up to 8 nuclear-powered subs.
If anyone can rock “grey” during a Mardi Gras – it’s Albo!
Australia Day reflections…
Peter Dutton pushes for more detail before the Voice referendum.
The Devils in the details…
Jacinda Ardern resigns.
Spare, Spare cartoon, Harry's new book Spare, Harry Spare, Prince Harry cartoon,
Harry’s new book explained.

Editorial Cartoons 2022

Scomo censured by Parliament over secret ministries.
RBA governor apologies for rates forecast comments.
Post-election hangover food. Dan is back in – Matt steps down as Liberal leader.
Dan Andrews votes away from his electorate and is nowhere to be seen – a first for a state premier.
Victorian Election Eve.
Chewy on your boot!
Trump cartoon, Trump announcement  Trump 2024, Donald Trump cartoon, Donald Trump 2024 cartoon
Watch out! He’s back!
Anthony Albanese meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit.
Hundreds of COVID-positive passengers disembark from the Majestic Princess in Sydney.
Funny seeing Dan and Matt together on Remembrance Day…what were they thinking? Seeing red probably…
Gas and electricity become a focus of Dan and Matt’s campaign launches.
Twitter lays off 50% of its staff as pay for verification ticks are rolled out…
Red Wave, Trump, Trump cartoon,Red Wave cartoon, Midterms, Midterms cartoon
Surfs Up!
Activists glue themselves to Andy Warhol artworks in Canberra today
Lunar eclipse in Victoria during the election.
Victorian Election, Victorian election cartoon, Dan Andrews cartoon Matt Guy, Matt Guy cartoon
I’m voting for the steps…
Following the disastrous Tree Change finale of The Block, next season will take a new direction…
Dan Andrews announces $13.4 mill to fund dog parks meantime IBAC is looking into his own mess.
Social Media can be a double-edged sword. How will Musk’s leadership change the volatile platform? Only time will tell.
Five lions escape from Taronga Zoo. What could possibly go wrong?
Queen Elizabeth cartoon, Queen Elizabeth ll cartoon, Queen Elizabeth dies cartoon
Queen Elizabeth cartoon. Winner, Open Section, of the 2022 Rotary Cartoon Awards held at the National Cartoon Gallery.
Melbourne Cup cartoon, Interest rates cartoon,
The RBA lifts interest rates to a nine-year high on Melbourne Cup Day.
online betting, online betting Australia, interest rates, interest rates cartoon,
Online betting companies ditch the tagline “gamble responsibly” as the RBA gambles with interest rates versus the cost of living.
Scomo and Josh, Scomo, Josh Frydenberg, Josh Frydenberg cartoon, Scomo cartoon, Josh Frydenberg caricature, Scott Morrison caricature
Scomo and Josh

Editorial Cartoons 2021

Editorial Cartoons 2019

Scott Morrison cartoon, Scott Morrison caricature
Scott Morrison cartoon, Australian federal election 2019. Game of Groans.

“The Last Newspaper” Merit Award/ Open category 2015  Rotary Cartoon Awards

The last newspaper
The last newspaper

Editorial Cartoons 2012-2015

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