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Caricature gifts

An Andrew Fyfe caricature is the perfect gift to help celebrate a special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or workplace achievement.

Have Andrew immortalise you with your favourite hobbies, people, pets or just doing what you love. All he needs are good quality, clear photos as reference with a description of how you’d like to be portrayed.

To order an Andrew Fyfe caricature just visit andrewfyfe.com.au and fill out the form on the contact page.

Below is a happy recipient of a Fyfe caricature.

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Receiving an Andrew Fyfe caricature

Caricaturist for events

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Live caricatures,caricature artist for parties, caricature artist for weddings, Andrew Fyfe,caricaturist

Whether you need a caricature artist for parties, caricaturist for weddings, product launch or a group training session, Andrew’s unique ability to draw fast and witty caricatures can add that special touch to any corporate event. Not only will he draw your work colleagues for a keepsake of the event, he can tailor a performance to entertain you with his live caricatures. Whether you want your CEO drawn live or a witty coverage of your company’s story told in cartoons, Andrew will tailor his presentation to suit your needs.

Andrew can introduce your keynote speakers with live caricatures projected on a big screen and create amazing cartoons from squiggles drawn by your colleagues in an interactive show that will have everyone laughing.

– See more at: http://www.andrewfyfe.com.au/live-caricatures/