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Graphic recording with a twist

Finding the funny in finance

Hey Hey It’s Saturday comes to the corporate world. Andrew Fyfe’s recent graphic recording session with the NAB Innovation Forum at KPMG found the funny in finance.

Interpreting key points by each speaker as a cartoon, Andrew projected in real time the ideas as they were spoken. 

Usually graphic recording involves creating a visual “map’ of spoken content onto a large whiteboard or paper mural. For this session Andrew drew the cartoons in real time onto a computer which enabled him to assemble a slide show to present after each speaker. He likes to inject humour into the presentations by interpreting key points as cartoons that encapsulate the ideas with a humorous twist. Playing the cartoons back as a slide show is an entertaining way of highlighting sometimes difficult to understand concepts in a memorable way. This can also involve animations for extra effect. The added bonus of drawing the pictures digitally is that there are digital copies to distribute afterwards.

Andrew employed the method of drawing live cartoons on the television show Hey Hey It’s Saturday for 15 years. Today he does it for the corporate world.

Graphic recording, corporate entertainment, graphic recording Australia
Here I interpret the speaker’s content into cartoons of the relevant points in real time as they speak using a drawing tablet and Photoshop.
Graphic recording, corporate entertainment, graphic recording Australia
The drawings are assembled during the presentation into a slide show, which is then projected on to a large screen as a summary of each talk. At the end of the session I caricature each participant.